Europom 2012

This year Europom 2012 takes place in Klosterneuburg, a small town in Austria, in the Babenbergerhalle. The organization is in hands of our sister organisation Arge Streuobst and IFZ Klosterneuburg.

Europom is the biggest fruit exposition of Europe, yearly organized in another european country, and now for the first time in Austria. Since 1989, started by the NBS (Nationale Boomgaardenstichting) and in collaboration with a number of partners, EUROPOM happenings are being organized in several countries.

In the years gone by, concerning location and date, these events attracted 2 000 to 20 000 visitors, a good indication that measures the interest for biodiversity and rare fruits.

Europom 2012 Oostenrijk Klosterneuburg 26/10 – 28/10/2012

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